Scottish Highland Cattle have "animal magnetism".

Argyll and Ainslie

Have you ever met anyone who doesn't love the look of Highland Cattle? There is something about these shaggy wee beasties that attracts the eye.

While everyone loves them from the other side of the fence, a privileged few own them and get up close and personal with these docile, intelligent, hardy beasts. Ngapouri Highlands would be pleased to help you to become one of these fortunate people.

We can offer:

  • consultation and advice on the right animals for your circumstances
  • Registration with the NZ Lifestyle Highland Society
  • DNA certified animals
  • finance options
  • a written contract specifying the terms of sale and purchase
  • after sales support.

Buying Highlands through us is not like buying livestock on TradeMe™ or at the local saleyards. We aim to provide personal, custom service.

If you want personal service when buying your next Highland, then contact us. Phone, e-mail via the link below or go to our on-line form and send us your details.

Contact Us

Farm visits can be arranged or further information obtained by contacting:
Nanette or Grant
Ph 07 333 1965